The editorial board at Epiphany take their mission statement to heart, and they are as good as its word. They understood what I was attempting from the start, valued both form and content equally with story when they first found my unsolicited offering in their mail.  Personally, I can chart my  progress in publishing back to the first response I received from Willard Cook, and since then, I’ve treasured the support, advocacy and encouragement they’ve given me since.  Epiphany is exactly the sort of community a writer hopes he or she finds, in among the bramble.       

- Domingo Martinez, author of Boy Kings of Texas






For the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 issue, Epiphany seeks submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We look forward to reading your submissions. Please be patient we are a small operation.


To expedite our response, please:

  1. Submit one story or essay at a time.
  2. Submit no more than five poems at a time.
  3. Submit no more than two times per year.
  4. Submit artwork files in pdf and photographs in jpeg.
  5. Tell us if you're submitting simultaneously to other publications.
  6. Click on the link below and follow the instructions for submissions.






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